Our various groups are intended to support your growth and inspire connection to each other within the Rhema community. We want to strengthen existing relationships and provide an opportunity to develop new friends.

Connecting to a group that fits where you are is important for you and a vital part of life in a large church. We encourage you to take a look, try them out. There are always activities going on, you are sure to find one where you will feel right at home.


Want to grow deeper in faith? Join us for Back to the Bible each Wednesday from 7:00pm – 8:30pm at either our Toronto or our Ottawa campus.
Our Small Groups Team also known as our Satellite Ministry Fellowship (SMF) is designed to expand the fellowship of the local body of Christ beyond the four walls of the church. Supervised by select members of the College of Elders and operated by actual members of Rhema Christian Ministries, these small groups are held in the homes of members and provide the ideal opportunity for ministry, fellowship and networking in a smaller and more intimate setting.
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Rhema’s Alter & Intercessory Prayer (AIP) team is a group of vibrant and spirit-filled individuals supporting the ministry through intercession, along with meeting a variety of needs sent via individual prayer requests from across the country and around the world. Submit a prayer request here


Equipped Singles caters to the unique needs of single men and women ages 25 and up. This relevant arm of Rhema Ministries is mandated to address the spiritual, relational and social needs of singles, while establishing healthy friendships that can lead to healthy courtships and eventually marriage.
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