Local Missions

Project Beautiful
Founded in 2013 Rhema launched a program called “Project Beautiful”.  It is our belief that all women have an inner beauty that is often masked by life’s circumstances, and struggles, such as physical and mental abuse, and eviction by family members.  Through this program women receive hope and encouragement, empowering them to harness those experiences and use them to propel themselves forward.  They receive one-on-one counseling, a full beauty make-over (hair, nails, makeup and wardrobe) and assistance with employment if required.
Each year we anticipate greater success than the last and your donations help us to support more women who are in need, thus building a stronger community and making a difference.






The Rhema Storehouse is a food bank service assisting our community by supplementing the grocery needs of many families on a weekly basis. As well, during the Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons we offer pre-packaged grocery bags filled with everything a family requires.  We are changing and affecting lives by ensuring that no family is hungry. Matt 25:34-36

Keeping Warm
If you have known anyone without proper shelter and warmth in the winter then you know the importance of doing everything possible to help protect them from the elements. This initiative is conducted for two weeks each February where Rhema congregants donate gently used coats. This is one of the ways Rhema changes and affect lives within our local community. Once collected the coats are sorted and distributed to these three shelters located in Toronto:

  • Eva’s Initiatives
  • Scott Mission
  • North York Women’s Shelter 

Youth Mentorship Program
With this program Rhema Canada partners with Eva’s Initiatives and its three youth shelters developing an annual recreation program.   Throughout the year,  we empower and build relationships with the youth  through activities such as  basketball, dance, cooking classes and more.

Good Friday Community Celebration
Each year we host our "Good Friday & Easter Family Fellowship".  This event, takes place at 40 Carl Hall Road, Toronto, Ontario and features an afternoon experiencing the significance of Good Friday & Easter through participation and impartation. Activities are planned in collaboration with community organizations such as the many shelters we partner with. Shelter staff and clients take part by preparing and showcasing their many gifts. This is followed by a delicious meal and refreshments.

Volunteer Month
At Rhema, we understand the impact volunteering has on our local community.  We make a difference by creating the opportunity for our members to volunteer with local agencies during the month of June or July serving in whatever capacity those agencies require.

Back To School Initiatives

Each year, during the months of July and August, we collect and distribute backpacks filled with  school supplies to many shelters in our community.

Thanksgiving Community Event

Each year, Rhema hosts a Thanksgiving Community dinner. Many will come for fellowship, others will come because it is difficult to provide a meal for others it is a joy of being able to give. All are welcomed as we pray God's blessing to those that come through our doors.

Christmas Community Celebration
Rhema opens its doors to host our Annual Christmas Celebration where we rejoice as a community changing and affecting lives.  A variety of  local agencies are invited to share in the spirit of Christmas with fellowship, food and fun.

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