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1. What does the word “Rhema” mean?

Answer: The word Rhema is a Greek term taken from the New Testament. It refers to a word that is spoken in a timely manner which empowers the hearer. This word can also be referred to as a relevant or a fresh word.

2. What denomination does Rhema belong to?

Answer: As a non-denominational ministry Rhema Ministries does not claim affiliation with any particular denomination. We are evangelical in our theology, contemporary in our worship, and apostolic in our mission. Our accountability stream is realized through the Fellowship of Christian Assemblies (www.fcaoc.org), a Canadian ministerial body through which all of our pastoral leaders are credentialed.

3. What is appropriate to wear when coming to Rhema?

Answer: Our dress ranges from casual to professional.

4. What are your worship services like?

Answer: At Rhema our worship experience is unlike any other. With an exuberant flow of Spirit-filled praise, worship and dance climaxing with a dynamic spoken word all set in an atmosphere like heaven, our weekend and mid-week services are life-changing experiences. Click here for service times & directions.

5. Do you have educational activities for my children?

Answer: Yes. Each weekend your children are invited to experience the love of Christ in a wholesome, safe and fun-filled environment. Our Children’s Ministries program is designed to empower, encourage and educate the next generation with the finest in age appropriate ministry.

6. Is Rhema on television?

Answer: We are not currently broadcasting on television.

7. Can I submit a prayer request?

Answer: Yes! Our team of intercessors is prepared to believe with you for God’s supernatural power to intervene in your situation. Please feel free to submit your prayer request here.

8. What is the importance of tithing 10% of one’s income?

Answer: We believe in the biblical method of supporting the local church through the act of giving; of which tithing is one aspect. We are instructed through the Scriptures (Malachi 3:10) to present the 10th of our increase or income to the work of the Lord. We also give first fruit and corporate offerings to aid in the advancing of the Gospel. We give with joy exhibiting an understanding of the Kingdom principle of sowing and reaping.

9. Does Rhema believe in women serving in ministry?

Answer: Yes. At Rhema we believe that ministry is for both males and females. As such we have females serving in a variety of ministry areas ranging from senior leadership to ministerial duties. For us the ministry of the church is a calling that is not affixed to gender but rather to gifting. We encourage all of our members to be involved in the work of the Kingdom.

10. Are you connected with Rhema in Tulsa or South Africa?

Answer: No. We are not directly affiliated with these ministries, though we share the same name. As a part of the greater Christian community we see ourselves as brothers and sisters; however we have no governmental or organizational ties between us.

11. My question isn’t covered here, how can I get an answer?

Answer: Contact us with your question and a member of our staff will be glad to assist you.


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